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Are you a feline lover? We understand that housing a cat comes with an array of responsibilities. While affection and care are indispensable factors required for a pet’s good health, it’s important to pay special attention to the feline’s diet for its overall fitness. 


Cat food is readily available with so many options on the market. The question is whether you should buy anything that you get around or bank on reliable brands. There are a lot of product such as Catz Finefood that have been created to provide your four-legged buddy with all the nutrition they need to grow and live a healthy life. If you are planning to buy food for your beloved pet, here are some ways to help you decide:


Look for online reviews

Well, a review can enable you to make a better choice. Just because someone feeds their kittens with a specific cat meal, you don’t have to jump into buying it. Not all foods are created alike.

Also, not every product you see in the market will work the same way for your cat. An authentic review can give you an idea about what’s good or bad about the chosen product, enabling you to take a call on whether or not to try it for your kitty. 

Cats are often known to be finicky, but some products are made neutral and such a product may become an instant hit with your cat. A few things that a cat owner needs to check when buying feline food are:

  • – The product name along with the details of the product on the label
  • – As a buyer, you must look for the net weight and shelf life of the product. 
  • – Make sure, you look out for the statement or intent somewhere on the package. For instance, the label on the package must read that it’s specifically meant for cats. Some food is commonly manufactured for pets and can be administered to dogs and cats. However, check this before buying the product.
  • – Ingredients and composition: What ingredients make up the product and in how much quantity is important information you can’t miss. This will help you identify ingredients that your four-pawed companion may be allergic to. Also, the composition will tell you the quantity of each ingredient. All this can help you determine how much of the product you can offer your cat at a time. 
  • – Feeding direction: Most top-brands mention guidelines details about how to feed the food to your cat. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to check with your vet for specific instructions. 
  • – Analysis and certification: Your product label must have the certification details for guaranteeing that the food is safe for consumption by feline buddies. The certificate also lists the levels of nutrients such as proteins, fats, and fiber present in the meal packet. 


A close look at these factors can help you determine the quality of food and the wellness quotient in the offing. 


Choose from a variety of products

The brand is recognized for its minimalistic approach. They promote good health for feline friends with their massive selection of food that comes in a variety of flavors. From the house of Pets Nature, a German company, their products have become popular as they are said to be free of preservatives and unnecessary fillers. This Catz brand rolls out high-quality cat food using local ingredients and high-grade raw materials. 

A top-rated kitten-friendly food brand, your kitten will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the flavors. Even the pickiest of cats won’t be bored of their meals. There are so many flavors ranging from poultry, lamb, rabbit, shrimps, mutton, chicken to beef, duck, tuna, and more that you can pick from depending on your kitty’s taste and preference. 

Read more about your kitty’s ability to distinguish between flavors at

Most customers talk highly about the consistency and smell of the cat food from FineFood. It is the finely ground texture that your kitten may find appealing. Also, the well-blended moisture content and jelly component in this food go well with most feline companions. A holistic concept of a meal, it provides all kinds of nutrition that your pet needs for its development.

A balanced diet is as important for a cat as it is for you and me and this feline food brand ensures it. 


Know what the advantages are

FineFood’s line of products is packed with good health. Here are some advantages that make feline food from the brand a hit. These come in various flavors and are known to be without chemical dyes and preservatives.

  • ·       Their products contain the appropriate amount of taurine. Moreover, the products are not processed with genetically modified substances. You can go to this link to know more about the benefits that taurine has to offers your feline buddies. 
  • ·       The brand promotes its product to be free of cereals, soy protein, dairy products, peas, and potatoes and ensures optimal nutrition for the kitties. You can select from convenient packaging options as these are available both in the form of cans and sachets. 
  • ·       Lack of additional salmon oil is a downside of the product although it can be replenished with a supplementary oil. If your cat is on a strict diet, you may check the product label for the exact amount of plant additives as its small presence may also increase the carbohydrate content. 


Find out what makes the product different

Pet food free from dyes and artificial additives contains negligible changes of contamination. The risk of allergies is also reduced. Most well-known brands do not contain flavor enhancers, chemical dyes, or preservatives. The product is known to be free of cereals as well. The only vegetable additive that you may find in this include borage oil or cranberry. 

Their extensive catalogue provides a host of options with meat-based feeds. These are mostly combined with offal but in a balanced formulation. The products are relatively richer in calcium and phosphorous. If your kitten has any symptoms or a history of kidney stones, it will be best to first consult your vet before feeding them these meals.


Catz Finefood Test

If you are specifically looking for Omega acids-rich food, you may check out alternative options or give fulfil your pet’s nutritional needs with an additional source. Salmon oil is a rich source of Omega acids for cats. 



Depending on your cat’s physical needs, you can pick a food group that is ideal for its daily protein requirements. If you need to put it through an elimination diet, there are multiple options available from FineFood’s Catz range of products. The right balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins makes it a perfect choice for feline pets. Hence, it’ll be a good idea to consult your vet before offering your cat the feed.


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