Hidden Litter: How to Choose a Good Litter Box for Your Cat

Owning a cat is quite the responsibility; you have to make sure it is well-fed, neat, and exercise. Hence, it is no secret that every good cat parent thinks of cat supplies that will help them fulfill their responsibilities.

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One item that is usually on the mind of these parents when they go shopping for cat supplies is a litter box. Sadly, many do not go for quality as they do not pay much attention to the item they are purchasing. Many think that all boxes are the same which is why they just grab any from the shelf.

Many owners who have followed this approach sometimes find out that their cats end up not using the litter box. Why is that? The reason is not far-fetched, cats are picky creatures and if the size, depth, shape, and other elements of the box are not right, they won’t use it. Visit https://www.livescience.com/55075-why-are-cats-picky-eaters.html# to find out why these creatures are picky eaters.

Since this is the case, how then does one choose a good litter box? Well, you just need to follow the tip we will share below:

How Many?

Many think that because they have just one cat, then one litter box is enough. That thinking is so wrong. You might think that you are the only one who loves having options to choose from; interestingly, your pet loves options as well. With more than one box, your pet can decide where they will poo and pee.

When deciding on how many of these items you should get, we recommend that you follow this formula rule: “N + 1” with the “N” representing the number of cats. Therefore, let’s say you have 3 cats, and then following the rule, it can be applied as 3 + 1 = 4 litter boxes.

Toileting problems usually occur when pets don’t have enough of these items for their convenience.

How Big?


You should consider this carefully when making your selection from the store. Your feline will not want to get cramped while trying to use the item. Therefore, go for a size that will comfortably fit your tabby. It should not only do this, but it should also have extra room.

With the extra room, your pet will be able to move around freely and even dig in. Furthermore, the extra room will ensure that they can avoid their deposits from previous visits.

When it comes to getting the right size, the rule of thumb is that it should be the length of your cat that is measuring from its nose to its extended tail tip. The width, on the other hand, should be wide as the feline when its tail is not extended. This should inform you of the size of the box.

How High?

You need to figure out how high the box will be. Certain factors will influence this decision such as the condition and personality of your cat. Click here to learn how to assess your cat’s personality.

Let’s break it down further…

Most Cats

This category is for those that don’t kick the litter out, then you need a product that is 5 to 7 inches high.

Sprayers et al

These are the group of troublemakers that will kick things out, spray their poo or pee, and like to cause a mess. Therefore, you need a higher box that will help reduce such behavior. Nevertheless, it should still be low enough for them to enter and come out easily.

Therefore, go for a product that is 8 to 12 inches high to prevent the wastes from getting out to the litter. This kind of product should also come with a side that is lower than other sides; say about 5 to 6 inches to allow easy entry and exit.

Mobility Challenges

If your furry friend has challenges with mobility such as arthritis, then you should do everything to make it easier for them. One side of the box should be super low with a height that ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 inches. This will allow your feline to move in and out without kicking the litter out.

Uncovered or Covered Litter Boxes

Many are opting for covered boxes these days because it makes them less conspicuous in the home. However, apart from that, there is not much difference between uncovered and covered.

While making the decision, you have to remember that it is your cat that will make use of it. Therefore, put your feelings aside and let your cat decide. How you might wonder?

Well using the rule we gave you, you can get a covered and an uncovered litter box. Then monitor which one they use. This will help you determine which to stick with. Nevertheless, bear in mind that if you have more than one cat, you might end up having one that likes covered and dislikes uncovered, and another that prefers uncovered and shuns covered. You might even end up with both liking the same type.

All in all, just stick with the type your pet likes. Also, if you go for covered, ensure that the opening is wide enough to enable easy entry and exit.

Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes: Yay or Nay?

We will have to say nay because it can end up scaring and traumatizing your kitty as a result of its automatic nature. This is a disadvantage that makes this convenient item not worth it. Besides, cleaning the box daily allows you to monitor your cat’s poo and pee to discover if it is still healthy.

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We have discussed the tips that will guide you on how to choose a good litter box for your cat. If any part of the article is unclear, don’t hesitate to reach us.

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