The Known Advantages of Using an Automatic Pet Feeder

With the various innovations in technology, there have been many new tools and equipment devised for man’s use. There are many automated systems employed in our everyday lives and these we use to our advantage.

dog using an automatic feeder

Today, a new tool is out in the market and this is an innovation that should help man take care of pets better. The automatic feeder has a lot of advantage to both pet and owner.


It helps in weight management

The automatic feeder allows owners to program how much and when is food given to their cats, dogs, etc. If your pets have a specific diet to follow, this can be used to your advantage because a preset condition can be allowed so the feeder gives only the exact amount of food at the exact moment.

Owners would no longer have to feel bad giving just enough food to their animals that are on special diets. Sometimes, when your dogs give you that look which means asking for more than what he is allowed, you would often feel guilty and either give him a little bit more which is not good for him or feel guilty thinking of not being able to feed him enough. More than half of the population of cats and dogs are overweight. This condition is unhealthy as it will lead to diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease or heart disease. Weight management is the best option to keep them healthy. Click here to learn more about the dangers of overfeeding.


Food is given regularly

Anxiety often stems from being left alone or not being fed regularly especially during parties. With the automatic feeder, the timing and amount of food given will not change. It will remain consistent no matter how busy you become. Being fed the same time daily is important especially in building the characters of pets.


It disassociates you with food

dissociation between you and your dog food

Since the owners who are feeding their pets manually are associated with food, most often dogs and cats would wake their owners very early in the morning for food. Especially when your pet is used to be fed outside, early in the morning your dog or cat will be the first thing that would wake you up. Using a feeder will disassociate you with food so they will no longer be disturbing your sleep because the automatic feeder will take care of feeding them first thing in the morning.


Change of plans will not matter

If you have pets at home, any change in your plans and in our schedule will affect you and your pets the same. Your pet will develop anxieties, while you as owner will always have that guilt feeling of not being able to come home and feed him on time. Of worst when you are sent away on a business trip, not having to come home as scheduled will not be so much of an issue any more.

Times have changed, with the advancement of technology, we now have fast-paced lives and it has with easy access to communication and travel, people can come and go as often as they can. Business meetings for example can be scheduled and held in almost any part of the globe any time stakeholders would like to. That would mean professionals moving from one place to another any time their jobs would need them to. This could be a challenge for owners as would have to find sitters for their pets. The automated feeders can be of help in this matter. If the sitter cannot be around immediately, pets left at home are assured of being fed while the sitters are not yet around.


Small, frequent meals

The automatic feeder is programmable, hence, meals can be scheduled; smaller portions can be given frequently, adjusted to their feeding needs and schedule. This is best for animals who get bored, like young dogs who would want to have something to munch on from time to time.


Avoid feeding them with stale food

avoid stale food for dogs

Since small portions are given from time to time, food can be consumed all at once, avoiding leftovers that would go stale after some time. This way, your animals are ensured with fresh food at all times, preventing them from getting sick or incurring diseases. Moldy food for example causes poisoning; gives information on the symptoms to look out for when this happens.

It saves time

Manual feeding requires ensuring that the right food measurement is given. This you do not have to worry with the use of automatic feeders. The measurement and frequency can be programmed so you do not have to get off from whatever task you are doing just to feed your animals at home. If you have a long list of tasks and errands for most of the day, worrying about them will be one less from the long list.


Controls which pet eats which food

For households with more than one animal, the feeder will allow you to control which one eats which food. It can be programmed to do so and can help with those that have regulated diet.

Top 5 Reviewers of the different types of automatic feeders have checked and made reviews of the top selling feeders. All of them have different features, although there might be the issue on possibly cutting the bond between the animal and the owner, still these feeders are beneficial to both. Some feeders allow settings of 6 or 7 or 8 meals. Hence, allowing more flexibility on the schedule of the owners and at the same time for the pet to be feed regularly even when owner is on a busy schedule. Some feeders also cater to wet foods, so owners just have to choose which is best suited to them and their animals at home.

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