Tips for Choosing the Best Chew Proof Crate Pads

Dogs chew anything given a chance, though, their chewing comes naturally. It becomes a problem when your pets keep on destroying all valuable and expensive items in your house. Therefore, it is essential to provide an excellent chew proof crate pad to your pet. This enhances their safety as well as comfortability.

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Below are examples of the things you should consider while choosing the best chew proof crate pads for a pet:



Material is one of the essential components of a crate pad. The content should be long-lasting, created from heavy-duty nylon that does not rip or tear easily. It should be of quite heavy-duty equipment because of apparent reasons.

The dog requires a sturdy, long-lasting product that can resist shredding and can withstand rough use. And, for the outer case, it should be an excellent material due to washing purposes.

Thin, none durable, and cheaply made fabrics will easily tear, whereas high quality, thick, and durable fabrics will withstand much wear and tear. This means, getting a highly durable product will serve you for a longer period. This will save you from making constant trips to the store after every short intervals.



First, you should confirm the dog size and the size of the item as well. Also, be sure of the item you are planning to purchase isn’t only appropriate but also the suitable one. These items come in various sizes.

A mat, even if entirely durable, cannot be useful to a pet if it is not the correct size. Provide ample space to a pet to circle and stretch out in its crate. For a puppy, buy a bigger mat with their assumed full size in mind.

This helps to cut the cost as the rug is spacious enough to accommodate your dog even when it will mature. To know the size, take its measurement from the nose to the tail and add a few inches to determine the size that will best fit.


Sleeping habits

Different domestic animals sleep in various unique styles. It is crucial to find out your dog’s sleeping position for you to be in a position to offer the right sleeping area for the dog.

The shape of therug depends significantly on crate form and the sleeping position. For pups, find a right item that has high sides for their security. For small ones that curl up, the oval and round-shaped design is the best.

Since most chew proof crate pads contain thick coats, you need one that can allow the free flow of air underneath. This will help significantly to keep the pet free from diseases.


Fill material

The fact that a mat is chew-proof doesn’t make it the best and healthy for the dog. It’s vital to research on chemicals and the fill materials used to make your chew-proof pad.

Many cheap mats use thin foam, which later flattens with time, therefore, offering little or no support to your dog. Overstuffed fillings may create lumpiness and too high a profile for comfortable use.

Consider choosing a fabric that does not put unnecessary strain on a dog’s joints and be of excellent quality. The heavier it is, the better it is in terms of support and comfort, especially for older dogs. Go for an ideal choice, which is comfy.


Grinding behaviour

The mulling action of the pet is among the critical things you should consider before buying a  mat.

If your dog is very aggressive then, your choice of mat should be not only that of a sturdy fabric but also a long-lasting type. Go for the pad, which typically has almost nothing for your dog to chew.

As for moderate chewers, consider getting that of a material that will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that the mat won’t get torn so soon.



You are supposed to identify a right crate pad for your dog, particularly a waterproof one. A waterproof crate pad helps prevent any moisture from leaking through and absorbing urine like a sponge.

This offers satisfaction to the pet hence, quality and sound sleep. It is wise to provide the best to your pet by making sure it lives in a cozy place.

The pad shouldn’t be chewable. It should be washable by machine to ease your work in terms of its maintenance as well as cleanliness.



Here, the choice is determined by the much you want to spend. As the saying goes that cheap is expensive, plus however much you are eager to stick to your budget, it is essential to budget for a comfy and durable yet simple pad that suits your budget needs. This saves you the struggles of maintaining and changing the crate pad now and then.

Health condition

health condition

To keep the pet healthy, one must have it living a comfortable life, among other essential factors considers.

For a dog that has a status that requires particular scrutiny, you should get a more comfy pad to be sure that its condition does not get worse. Considering the place, you intend to place the crate, if it is outdoor, put into consideration nonfading colors for the mats.

This will help it remain in its pest look for as long as it stays in use. Click here for more information about these pet products.



Before buying a chew proof crate mat for your pet, it’s wise to consider the durability of the fabric used, the size of your pet as well and crate sizes as well. This ensures you pick an excellent mat for your pet.

You should also think of the fill material used in making the crate pad to be sure they are safe for use. Make sure there is no harmful chemical used in them as well.

The pad should be waterproof and cost-effective to suit your budget. It is always important to ensure your pet is safe. This means being quite careful about the things being used on them.

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