Best Dog Camera for Minimizing Separation Anxiety

Pets, especially dogs are commonplace in the life of most people. Most of them become attached to their owners over time as they get attention through feeding, play, and the general care given them. Leaving them at home while you are away can therefore be distressing for them. This may result in them experiencing separation anxiety whenever they are left alone to themselves.

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The result will usually be increased stress and restless which may also lead to howling, whining, or barking unnecessarily. As part of its response to it anxiety, it might also begin to chew on things, scratch at windows, pant, salivate and destroy things a lot more than usual. These are things it will not likely do while you are around.

As a pet owner, there are many ways to help them overcome this. You can learn how to help your pet by reading the article here. If you have ascertained that it is not a medical issue but a direct response to you being separated from it, you can buy toys that can keep it busy when you are gone and make sure to retrieve it when you are around. You can prepare your pet a few minutes to going out and then when you are ready to leave, you do so as quietly as possible. For a more personal solution, you may go a step further and buy a dog camera.

What is a Dog Camera?

This is a device that lets you keep tabs on your dog by connecting, conversing, and tossing it treats while you are away. It lets you see what your dog is up to in real-time and can allow you to communicate via a two-way audio feature or toss some treats to it. Getting this device will help you feel closer to your pet even while you are away which in turn is good for its anxiety.

Having said this, so what are the best dog cameras available?

Some of the Best Dog Cameras

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There are a number of these products now available around. While you can see a number of product reviews here:, we will go ahead to look at some in this article.

Furbo Dog Camera

This one of the most popular cams available. It has a huge variety of features and designs specifically for dogs. The device is connected to your phone via an app so you can receive notifications and also speak to it. Its features include a barking alert, a two-way audio, and a treat reservoir for tossing out treats when you choose. You can even take selfies of your buddy with the camera. It comes with a 2048-bit RSA encryption key that makes your home data secure. Added this, the footage is deleted every night from the app and the cloud. It also has a Full HD night vision. The Furbo comes with a video and training feature to help you train your pet to understand the device.

PetChaz HD Two-Way Audio/Video System

With its two-way camera and microphone, using the PetChaz, your pet can see you and you can interact with it while you are away. With this, you can interact with your dog almost as if you are there. This is a very good feature for pets suffering from separation anxiety. Another feature that helps with this is the special PetChatz scent for easing and calming its anxiety when distressed. With the app you will be required to download, you will also be able to toss treats to it with your device.

The PetChatz has an option of PawCall, a feature that allows your dog to push a button and contact you instead of barking and also an exercise and games option for it. The device is pet safe and can be mounted on the wall.

Petcube Bites 2

The Petcube is an easy to use device with a treats dispenser that works with most brands of treats of up to 1-inch in diameter. It can also help to control how much is fed to your pet so it is not overfed. This device comes with a mounting kit and can therefore be attached to a wall securely.

The Bites 2 has an extensive 4-way microphone and speaker that makes it sound loud and clear both at your end and your pet’s. It has a built-in propriety app and you can also enable it to work with Alexa. It comes with a one-month free premium subscription and afterward a $4 monthly subscription for cloud storage which has to be paid one year in advance.

There are also many other good cameras and dog toys for separation anxiety that are available asides the above three.


Owning a dog camera does not only help your dog overcome separation anxiety; it also gives you peace of mind as you can monitor the activities of your pet while away. This clearly offers you a lot of benefits.

If you are considering getting one for your home, you have many options to choose from. You should therefore ensure you choose one with features that will make it worth your while.

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