How to Choose The Right Dog Crates & Kennels?

Being a dog owner means more than just loving your pet. It’s taking full responsibility when it comes to its diet, taking it for a walk or providing it with personal space. Dogs, like humans, need an area which would belong to them only, where they feel safe and protected.

find the best dog crate

You can try and make an improvised doghouse on your own or the more convenient option would be to purchase a crate or kennel. Both of them are so similar that people use them interchangeably. However, regardless of how similar they are, there’s still a slight difference in their use. The former ones are intended to be used within the house while the latter can be used both in the house and when traveling.

Whichever type you choose to buy, your dog would be grateful for it. Apart from providing it with a sanctuary, your home would also be protected against any kind of damage caused by your pet.

Nowadays, the selection of dog crates and kennels on the market is unbelievably extensive, being sold in various shapes, materials and sizes. In order to find the right dog crate, you just need to follow these useful tips.


size of the crate

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a dog crate or kennel is the size, as you want your dog to be comfortable in it. Crates and kennels come in various dimensions depending on the size and weight of different breeds of dogs. Prior to heading to the store, make sure you measure the height and length of your pet in a standing, sitting or lying position, leaving couple of extra inches so that your dog can turn around, without feeling trapped.

However, purchasing a much larger crate isn’t a solution as well, since your pet can use the additional space both as a sleeping and toilet area. The purpose of this enclosed area is to teach it about personal space, which shouldn’t be used for its toiled needs, just for sleeping or resting.

Moreover, if you are an owner of a puppy, you need to consider the puppy’s full size when it grows up, as buying a small kennel will only be useful for a short period. In these cases, it’s more convenient to purchase one with a divider which adjusts in accordance to the size of your pet.


After taking the right measures, the next step on your crate shopping agenda is choosing an appropriate material. The models made of wire are most preferred by pet owners, as they enable greater visibility for the pet as well as better airing. However, these models aren’t suitable for traveling, as they aren’t allowed in planes.

In case you plan to use the kennel for traveling, you’d better purchase one made of hard plastic which provides great safety but significantly lower visibility and airing. There’s even a special traveling type of kennel, made of solid material with improved ventilation features, providing your dog with the necessary safety and comfort during the trip. Click here to learn more about the benefits of both metal and plastic crates.


purpose of the crate

Another significant factor is determining your needs. Establishing the fact that you need a kennel is simply not enough, so you have to be more specific in your requirements. The most common reasons for getting a doghouse are either traveling or providing a personal enclosed area for your pet.

In the former case, a plastic kennel would be the perfect choice regardless of the length of the journey. These aren’t just convenient for plane journeys, but also for taking your pet to the vet, particularly when injured or for taking a short car ride.

On the other hand, if your dog is more of an outdoorsy type which spends most of its days playing in your yard, then the wired kennel would be a more suitable option. It’s the perfect solution when having guests who are scared of dogs. They will feel safer if your dog is confined in its personal area.


Crates are providing safety for both you and your pet. While your puppy is inside it, your house is protected against any kind of damage done to your furniture or carpets, as dogs tend to develop an anxious or aggressive behavior when their owners are not at home, as a way of protesting for being left alone.

In addition, your home isn’t the only thing which is protected, your pet is safer too. The chances of anything dangerous happening to it while inside are much lower than being left to wander around.

Anyhow, make sure you pay extra attention when taking your pet on a trip, by removing its leash in order to prevent chocking. Also, be careful with the kennels made of wire, as dogs tend to chew it and end up getting injured.


Crates and kennels come in a wide range of prices, largely depending on their size, material and features. The ones made of wire are cheaper than the other types and you can find them for an even lower price if you search online for owners who are selling their old models.

The models especially designed for traveling, made of extra sturdy materials or luxury-looking are naturally higher in cost. The more features they have, the costlier they are. You need to select your preferences in order to choose the price which fits your budget the best. Visit the following link:, to check the price guide before making a purchase.

Wrap up

When choosing a crate or a kennel the most important feature to select is the size, as purchasing a bigger or smaller size will have a negative effect on your dog. Choose the material in accordance with your needs. Pick wire for home use or plastic and metal for traveling.

It will give your pet the comfort and space needed to feel safe in your home, making you feel safe as well!

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