How To Get Elite Boerboels

When it comes to getting a pet, the breed that you choose determines what you will get. Some tend to be destructive hence require constant supervision.

Dog sitting down

Others also have a lot of needs that makes them expensive to maintain. Boerboel is one of the easy to maintain breeds that is liked by many people.

It is friendly and smart so you don’t have to worry about what it is up to when you leave it on its own.

Their big size and powerful muscles makes them some of the strongest dogs on earth. Here is how to get some Elite Boerboels for yourself.


  • Choose a competent breeder

The breeder is responsible for taking care of the dogs right from when they are born. Thus they have a great influence on the pets.

This requires that they provide the best care possible to ensure healthy growth and development. If they fail in their task then the animal will probably have some problems in the future.

For example, if they fail to vaccinate the young ones they might develop life-threatening diseases that will be hard to treat when they are grown. On the other hand, a healthy one that is well-fed and properly trained will make your work easier as an owner.

Make sure that the breeder is certified and has actual practical experience. Some tend to forge their documents just to get the job.

  • Get one that is old enough

Usually, there is a variety of ages that you can choose. You can decide to get those that are already mature since they have few needs.

They are already trained hence know how to interact with humans and other animals. They can also take care of themselves when they are on their own. You can opt for the puppies so that you raise them up and train them in your own ways.

However, if you decide to get a puppy you should get one that is old enough to be away from the parent. If you get one that is too young it is probably going to die soon or have a difficult life.

Professional breeders have an appropriate age policy that you should consider. See this link to read some tips you could use to take care of your dog

  • Consider the health status

You have to ensure that the dog is in good health before buying it. There is a series of tests that is usually done to check this.

The fee can be included in the total cost or you might be required to pay for it separately. Have a qualified vet do the examination. It is also important to consider the medical history and not just the current state of health.

The breeder should be willing to provide you with this information. If the pet has allergies or any other health issue then you will know how to best take care of it.

If they are not ready to give such details then most probably the pet has serious health complications that they are trying to hide.

  • Make sure that they are legal

Elite Boerboels

Pets sometimes tend to wander and get lost. Other times, they get kidnapped and ransom is demanded or they just get stolen and sold to another buyer. You should avoid buying Boerboels from suspicious individuals or firms.

Nowadays, a tracking chip is used in addition to the contact information printed on the collar. If you come across a lost dog you are required to take it to the relevant authorities where the chip will be scanned and the information used to contact the owner.

Be sure to fill the legal paperwork when purchasing and keep a copy of the records for future reference if need be. Click here to read more.



Boerboels are easygoing dogs that don’t require much from their owners. They are good with small children and generally do well in family settings. Their powerful nature can be intimidating but this can be taken care of by proper training. Make sure that you give them adequate time to socialize with other pets. Exercise is also required to keep them healthy and in great shape. To get the best you should purchase from skilled breeders who have plenty of experience with dogs. Make sure that you do so in a lawful manner.

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