Pure Pet Food Review – Why is Dehydrated Dog Food Better Than Dry or Wet Foods

It would be fair to say that the dog food industry has progressed at an alarming rate over the years.

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There was once a period where our pets were given scraps from the table, before over time we’ve proceeded to feed them specialist dry and wet foods that are comprised of succulent ingredients.

The latest phenomenon revolves around dehydrated foods. Unfortunately, both dry and wet diets do have their drawbacks, and the dehydrated solution aims to compress these to give our dogs the perfect mealtime.


Through this article we’ll investigate this further:

  • We talk about the advantages of dehydrated food over the standard wet and dry options; and how it eradicates the inconvenience and potential health concerns that can be part of them.
  • We look at the ease in which dogs can be moved from a standard wet or dry diet, right the way onto a dehydrated option within days.
  • We then progress to analyse one of the leading brands in the UK market today, PurePetFood.co.uk, and see just what advantages this offers over both standard dog food and rival manufacturers.
  • We’ll also take a look at the whole process which the Pure Pet Food manufacturers embark on, to provide your dog with that rich, nutritious diet.
  • Finally, we’ll take a look at several of the products offered by PureFood – to show how your dog practically has his own menu to choose from!


Why Should Dehydrated Food Be Considered Over The Wet And Dry Options?

Very few of us would disagree that the health of our pet is one of the issues that we place upmost importance on. It’s for this reason that we’re happy to invest in our dog’s food, and attempt to feed them the essential nutrients that our vets keep on telling us they require.

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For most of us, this food arrives in dry form and considering the fact that this takes up the majority of shelf space at the supermarkets – it’s something that we’re constantly led to believe is best for our dog. However, as we’ll now find out, it’s not necessarily the best choice when pitted against other options.


The Breakdown on Dry Dog Food

It’s the simple solution and the one most of us choose for a number of reasons:

  • It’s convenient and takes seconds to serve up for your dog.
  • It’s not going to break the bank in the slightest; it’s the cheapest around.
  • The shelf life is long, meaning that it’s possible to buy in bulk.

Unfortunately, it’s not all positive and dry dog food arrives with drawbacks that a lot of the so-called experts refrain from telling us:

  1. The science behind it means that the food particles can expand up to four times as big in your dog’s stomach, prompting the risks of bloat. This can lead to a fatal medical condition caused gastric torsion – so it’s certainly something that should be taken seriously for the health of your pet.
  2. The ‘dry’ nature of the food means that most dogs drink as much water as they physically can immediately after a meal. Unfortunately, even this struggles to hydrate them, with the body’s tissues retaining such fluids and making the digestion process extremely difficult.
  3. Nobody knows much about the ingredients used in these foods; a lot of manufacturers use cheap components which naturally aren’t good for the health of your dog.

why is wet food not good for your dog

The Breakdown on Wet Dog Food

Unsurprisingly, wet dog food addresses some of the above drawbacks, as we’ll now find out:

  • On the whole, the ingredients are of much better quality meaning that we know exactly what our dogs are consuming, and know that their health is being benefited.
  • Unsurprisingly, there’s none of the moisture problems that were discussed previously. The ‘wet’ nature of this food means that bloat is much less likely to happen, as the digestion process is already firmly in motion before the dog has finished his dinner.
  • The added moisture can prevent conditions such as UTI and kidney infections, as the dog’s body is constantly being flushed out whenever they stand over their bowl.

Again, let’s not kid ourselves that this is a perfect solution though. There are drawbacks, such as the following:

  1. The nature of wet dog food means that it holds a much shorter shelf life, while any food that has to be opened needs to be refrigerated. Ultimately, this means that it’s impossible to stock up on the food and this can prompt wastage.
  2. The above leads onto the pounds, shilling and pence of the matter. The short shelf life automatically means that wet dog food is more expensive, meaning that it’s just out of reach for a lot of owners.

why is dry food not good for your dog

The Breakdown on Dehydrated Food

This means that we’re left with one alternative, something that alleviates all of the drawbacks that we have discussed in relation to your standard dry and wet food. Dehydrated food has made superb headway over recent times, with this combing all of the advantages that have been mulled over.

It is full of all of the natural components that make up your pouch of standard wet food, but the fact that these ingredients have been dried (or dehydrated) means that the food can stand the test of time and has a long shelf life.

Additionally, with the manufacturers recommending that water is added when the “meal” is served, gone are the days when bloat is going to be a big problem for your pooch. We should also note that there’s none of these “enlarging food particles” which can cause all of the conditions we have discussed above.

The ingredients are natural, allowing the dog to properly digest them and not suffer any of the ill-fated consequences. dehydrated food recommended

How Can You Move Your Dog Onto A Dehydrated Diet Today?

Anyone who has attempted to immediately move their dog onto a new diet before is probably considering a different approach. A shift in diet, or even a change in the water that is provided, can prompt an upset stomach for weeks.

Even though a dehydrated diet is hugely beneficial in comparison to the alternatives, unfortunately your dog may have the same problems adjusting if you don’t take the necessary precautions.   The good thing is that these steps are by no means strenuous.

For example, if your dog is currently on a canned foot diet, the pure food needs to be slowly introduced into the meals. This process needs to be as gradual as possible, with most pet owners starting with just a tea spoon of the new food to slowly integrate it into the dog’s system.

There is slightly less legwork for those dogs that are already consuming a DIY home diet, or one which involves a minimal amount of processed food. In these cases, it’s not uncommon for them to adjust within a couple of meals – which is impressive to say the least.

By slowly introducing the diet, it allows the dog’s gut to get used to the new types of foods that are being consumed. To ease this process even more, it’s also recommended to add slightly more warm water and let it sit in the food, for around 10-15 minutes, so it is fully reconstituted.


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Why is PurePetFood The Best Option in The UK Market Today?

Anyone who has seen the positive endorsements of PureFood in several TV shows, and especially across BBC2 in the Dragons’ Den Show, will most likely fully understand the benefits of this particular brand of dehydrated food, which has taken the nation by storm.

The owners of Pure Pet Food even ate their own dog food in a bid to impress the Dragons and to demonstrate the quality of their product.


pure pet food dragons den


The fact that a dog food is comprised of 100% human ingredients, and could actually be comfortably be eaten by any person in the world, is just too hard to believe for most.



Quite incredibly, the ingredients used aren’t sourced from any old place either. We’ve all seen the controversies about meat sourcing over the last few years and perhaps surprisingly, additional steps have been taken by PureFood to ensure that our dogs are only consuming the best ingredients out there.

The manufacturers demand that each meat is sourced from fully regulated farms, and tracking systems are in place to ensure that this is always the case.

Similarly, they are also able to control the quality by demanding certification that all of the ingredients used are free of a whole host of nasty’s such as salmonella, E-coli, yeasts, moulds and anything else you can think of.



It doesn’t matter if you are studying the biology of dogs or humans; something that we all know is that badly sourced food is going to be harmful to our health.

Therefore, after finding out about Pure Pet Food’s principles in relation to the sourcing of their ingredients, we weren’t surprised to read some of the health statistics that have been reported by owners whose pets have been placed on the diet. 74% of owners said their dog was demonstrating much higher levels of energy and general well-being, while 43% were even able to drop the level of normal medication they had been put on.

The diet seems to be hugely beneficial to a dog’s coat as well and with 57% reporting an improvement in the amount of itching, while 70% said their pets had better skin, it’s clear that PurePetFood can aid your dog from a number of different angles. dog eating pure pet food


As we pointed out in the initial stages of this article, one of the major drawbacks with wet food is its shelf life. It might hold fantastic nutritional benefits, but most pet owners just can’t afford to risk throwing it away after a few days.

This is where Pure triumphs again, with the product being usable for a huge 12 months. Admittedly, once water is added to a portion, this drops to 48 hours – but this is actually still much better than the food that is purchased from a tin.

On a similar note, this is going to last most dog’s the best part of a month – meaning that it doesn’t have to be overly expensive. If we were to take the average size dog, which is supposedly 12.5kg, the manufacturers claim that a 2kg of PurePet will suffice for a 25 day period.

Visit The Official PurePetFood Website To learn more! 


What Preparation Do PurePetFood Perform?

As you have probably gathered from the previous elements to this article, PurePet is prepared unlike very few other foods on the market.

All fruit and vegetables are washed, chopped and prepared like they would be for human consumption, before being dehydrated between 60C and 90C to preserve their natural goodness.

To put this into statistical terms, it means that the ingredients have four times as many nutrients and vitamins as standard fresh components.


The meats go through a similar process, with the manufacturers firstly heating them gently at around 95C. This is sufficient to remove any harmful bacteria, before they are again dehydrated in the same fashion as above.

Again, to show you just how beneficial this process is, it’s understood that around 300% more protein can be found in the meat because of this.

The process actually concludes in your own home, with this being where rehydration kicks in. This is where you merely add the water, to leave the meal as fresh as it would be if all of the components were picked just seconds ago!

Visit The Official PurePetFood Website To learn more! 


What Products Do Pure Pet Food Offer?

Considering all of the emphasis that PurePet place on the natural selection of ingredients, it will come as no surprise to read that they also place a dog’s needs highly in terms of flavour.

There are no fewer than four different options available to purchase, as we’ll describe here:

Note : don’t be fooled by the starter packs, they can last as well !

small bag pure pet food uk


Chicken Delicious:

chicken delicious pure pet food uk

As the name suggests, this first bag is comprised mainly of chicken. It’s high in protein, grain free, making it ideal for most dogs.

Learn more about chicken Delicious and Buy it here 


Duck Delight:

duck delight pure pet food

The only difference between this and the previous option is the flavour. Duck Delight is again versatile, with dogs of any type being suited to it.

Learn more about Duck delight and Buy it here 


Chicken Dinner:

chiken dinner pure pet food

A slightly different solution arrives in the form of Chicken Dinner. This is less expensive than the other options and is suited to most adult dogs.

Learn more about Chicken Dinner and Buy it here 


Vegi Plus:

vegi plus pure pet food

Vegi Plus is a product which isn’t comprised of any meat, with this aimed to allow owners to add their own choice. It’s mainly designed for raw feeders and those owners who want to keep most of their dog’s diet “in-house”.

Learn more about Vegi Plus and Buy it here

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