Why Is Pet Boarding So Important?

North Carolina is possibly one of the most populous cities in the US. As a matter of fact, it is rated 16th on the list and is one of the fastest-growing places that has been dubbed as a “gamma global city” because of its innovative and modern industries and fast-paced lifestyle. With over 870,000 residents (and counting), the city is always alive with the hustle and bustle of cars, parties, traveling, work, and pets.

pet boarding

Yes, your furry friend. Those furry little (or big) guys that we love so much and adorn and treat as our children, sometimes even better!

Everyone loves them, some prefer dogs, while others prefer cats. We don’t judge. They are equally loving… the question remains, in such a busy city, how do you find the time to look after your canine or feline companions? The answer is simple – You find someone to do it for you.

We can leave our kids with a childminder, so why shouldn’t we leave our four-legged companions with one too. We don’t mean a child-minder, but rather a dog sitter.

What Does A Pet-Sitter Do?

Exactly that – they sit and watch the dog, or stand, or dance if they prefer. Well, you get the idea. This has been a trend since the dawn of the 20th century, without batting an eyelid, pet owners have had their sitters on speed dial from the word go.

They are possibly the best, safest and dare we say ‘healthiest’ option to leave your pet with, out of all the other options available out there such as kennels and your neighbors (sometimes they need a break too). It’s simple, the sitters keep your pet company while you are unable to. Sometimes leaving your pooch at an animal shelter can cause your dog to get stressed out which can lead to various other negative mental and psychological issues. Often, we find that they can also contract a sickness such as ‘kennel cough’ or Bordetella which is known to happen when pets are left in boarding kennels for too long. Find out more about this online source.


When Would I Need One?

If you’re wondering for what reason could someone possibly leave their precious hound in the hands of a total stranger. For starters, there are several very good reasons for leaving your him in the hands of a total, yet professional and maybe good-looking, kind, and mature, total stranger!

Simply put, if your leaving town for a few days and can’t take your pooch, if you’re having a party and need him or her to be safely tucked away from all the alcohol and buzzing loud noises and high heels coupled with a possibility of blinding strobe lights…or if you are unwell and do not have the strength to look after it for a few days…it is time to get yourself a sitter.

No matter the circumstance, the point to note here is that you have an option of leaving your pet with a professional service such as dog boarding in Charlotte, where they have the knowledge and capabilities to look after your pets! They are made for this calling and do it so well. All you must do is coax your companion into the car with a treat, drop him off at the pet-sitters home, which is geared towards this very thing; fully-equipped with only the best equipment and carefully decorated to consider your four-legged companion’s needs.

Because agencies like these are empathetic enough to understand that sometimes, pet owners need a break too. They can take the dog out for a walk, feed it, cuddle it, play with it, and watch television with it (if mom says yes). Not only does your furry friend get spoilt beyond recognition but so will you, once you get that well-deserved break away from all that fur and constant drooling.

In the end, we think the mental and emotional health of your animal is an important consideration when deciding where to leave him or her when you are away or when you need to be. There have been known diverse effects with some animal boarding agencies, so it is of the utmost importance to make sure you check the facilities thoroughly to make sure you are satisfied leaving your pet with them.


Separation Anxiety in Pets

separation anxiety

Dogs can easily suffer from adverse emotions such as separation anxiety caused by being left alone in uncomfortable environments for too long or being left alone in their own house for long periods, and some of the decent boarding services have studied various behaviors in pets and can easily tell just by observation whether they have it or not.

Symptoms of which include shedding, a loss of appetite, insomnia, or restlessness, and chewing or digging up the furniture to name a few things. If you notice this kind of behavior in yours or anyone else’s companion, it is best to check with a professional on how to help your pooch. Besides avoiding leaving them alone, in the case it does happen, there are ways you can ease their anxiety depending on how serious it is, this source can give you some information but it is always best to speak to your vet immediately https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/does-your-dog-freak-out-when-you-leave

If you know you will not have time to look after your pet, don’t jeopardize things by leaving it alone for days on end. Drop it off at a well-established and reputable animal sitter. You will thank yourself for it in the long-run.

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