Tips for Eliminating Animal Odours in your Home

Pet lovers know the joy of owning a kitty or a puppy. They are gentle creatures that provide lots of comfort and entertainment, and some treat them as members of the family. Many of the pups can provide endless joy, but others are just generally stinky.

Eliminating Animal Odours

As anyone who has had hounds or British shorthair for the past decade, they are very familiar with the challenges of dealing with pet odours inside the house. Some have chronic cases of the stink and not to mention the amount of fur that goes everywhere. Fortunately, there’s the odour removal concentrate that can remove these unwanted scents in the home. It’s always possible to enjoy life with pets inside the house and get a fresh living space at the same time.

Some of the tricks that you may want to give a try include the following.


  • Vacuuming up the Hair and Pet Dander

For people who have pets that frequently shed, managing the hair every day can become challenging, and the fur alone leaves them struggling to clean their spaces. The floors need to be vacuumed, but the truth is that this is only just the beginning.

Go into areas that are hard to reach because they are usually where the dander is hiding. This can include the couch, cushion, and furniture. There may also be cracks and crevices that you want to check out and the places where your furry friend likes to sleep and hang out. Even if you have a kitty that doesn’t shed much, it’s still essential for you not to skip this step as you’ll still have dander to take care of.


  • Dry and Wash

Washing the sheets, blankets, linens, pillowcases, curtains, and cushions is a must. You can schedule with a cleaning company to do the pet bed covers and furniture to eliminate the odours. Wash everything and do laundry at least once a week to keep the home clean and smelling fresh.


  • Clean the Collars, Bowls, Toys, and Leash

Getting a pet means that you should be ready to clean everything that it uses daily. These include the toys, food bowls, leashes, and collars that it uses daily. These seemingly everyday items can harbour bacteria, and they can be responsible for the foul odours inside the house. It’s important to regularly do the laundry and washing to ensure that all the stuff should be disinfected.


  • Bathing your Dogs and Cats Regularly

Many canines hate baths. They hate it with a passion, and there can be a struggle when you try to do this. However, when you want to stay on schedule and have some semblance of control over the scent of your home, you need to do bathing regularly.

Set an appointment with the groomer if this is a must. It would be best if you reminded yourself through your smartphone to give your pets a bath. Set ongoing appointments to your calendars to ensure that you will never forget this task.


  • Try Baking Soda

Tackling odours inside the house may mean that you may have to use baking soda to neutralize the smell. You can read more about trying baking soda for odour removal when you scroll through this site. This is commonly used in many freezers and refrigerators to minimize bad odours. Sprinkle the baking soda powder on the couch, cushions, or bed. Read the labels carefully and do a test on a small area with a tiny amount first. Let the baking soda rest for a few minutes, then vacuum it carefully afterwards.


  • Use Vinegar

Many people may not know about the disinfectant properties of vinegar, but it actually works! It’s an excellent neutralizer if you’re dealing with severe problems in odours. You need this to be diluted with water. Use a spray bottle for the mixture and use it on the carpet or floors. You can also use vinegar to combine baking soda so the punch will be felt, and the removal will be extra powerful.


  • Use Industrial-Grade Neutralizers

If you are skipping the home remedies and want an industrial-grade neutralizer, then the good news is that there are many of them in the market today. They are very concentrated, and they are designed to eliminate odours around you. They have a citrusy fragrance, or you can choose vanilla ones that consist of powerful blends. You may find them to be a good investment, especially if it’s months since you’ve scheduled a daily cleaning.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide and Citrus

When you’re browsing through your cupboards and looking for some solutions to remove pet odours, you can try hydrogen peroxide and some lemons for more potent neutralizers. They will work as an excellent natural enzymatic cleaner and neutralizer to feel their effects in a matter of minutes.


  • Use a HEPA Filter

For people who are prone to allergies, a good option will be a HEPA filter that can usually solve problems involving pet odours and dander issues. The filters from air purifiers will be able to block the harmful particles of pet dander, and through the fine mesh, you’ll breathe cleaner air as a result. You can try out these filters, especially if you’re prone to using your air conditioner at home during hot summer days.


  • Clean Stairways and Closets

When you’re in the project of tackling smelly odours at home, one of your game plans is to find the places where your cat or canine usually hangs out at. These spaces may include closets and stairways, especially on top of these. You may find that your puppy usually loves to sleep out inside the cabinet or at the bottom of the stairs when it’s waiting for your return. Try to clean and vacuum these areas to remove the smell and ensure that everything is fresh-smelling.

Sweep, mop, vacuum, and use the right cleaners inside your home to get rid of bad odours. Your guests and everyone inside the house will appreciate it if they can enjoy their pets and have a clean and fresh-scented home whenever they are inside. You can try several tips above and see which ones will work best.

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