All About Vitamins for Dogs – Usage & Best Supplements to Consider Buying

Over the last few years we’ve heard all about the surge in popularity of vitamins for humans and perhaps unsurprisingly, this phenomenon is entering the canine world.

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That’s right; vitamins for dogs are well and truly in. In actual fact it is understood that as many as a third of dogs in the US receive some form of supplement, with multivitamins being the most common.

It means that the multivitamins market is worth billions of dollars. However, does your canine friend really need them? We investigate.


Why would your dog take multivitamin supplements?

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First and foremost, it’s worth finding out just why your dog would need these vitamin supplements. The general advice is that if your dog already has a completely balanced diet, which includes all of the vitamins that these supplements contain, there isn’t a need to turn to them.

However, very few dogs actually have this. A lot of dogs don’t receive the required amount of vitamins and this can cause a whole host of deficiencies, including the following:

  • Vitamin A Deficiency: Vitamin A tends to derive from foods such as liver and fish liver oil. Any dog who isn’t receiving sufficient quantities of this could suffer from stunted growth and night blindness.
  • Vitamin B2 Deficiency: Tending to come from organ meats and dairy products, signs related to deficiencies include stunted growth and eye problems.
  • Vitamin B5 Deficiency: Meats and vegetables are the source this time and any dog who doesn’t receive enough vitamin B5 could suffer from anything from hair loss to diarrhea.
  • Vitamin C Deficiency: This can be one of the common deficiencies that dogs suffer from, as vitamin C derives from citrus fruits and vegetables. A lack of it can slow down healing and make the dog more likely to contract disease.
  • Vitamin E Deficiency: This can be sought from all sorts of sources including meats, nuts and green vegetables. A deficiency could prompt problems with the reproductive system and brown bowel syndrome.


Obviously, there are many more deficiencies out there, but the above five give a glimpse on just what sort of problems dogs can encounter if their diet is not comprised of the correct vitamins and minerals.

As you can see, it can be very difficult to incorporate all of the correct elements – especially with few dogs turning to foods such as fruits and vegetables anyway.


Is your dog’s age a factor when considering a multivitamin supplement?

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There’s no doubt that the older a dog is, the more susceptible to health problems they become. For example, arthritis is a common complaint amongst older dogs – yet this is exactly the type of condition that can be helped through a course of multivitamins.

If you can find a product that contains glucosamine, your dog’s ailments can be relieved considerably.

Of course, arthritis isn’t the only condition that is going to affect older dogs. The point we’re trying to make is that age is a factor and multivitamins can be used to help a variety of different problems that your dog may pick up as he or she gets older.


Have there been any studies which show that these supplements work?

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With popularity for multivitamin products on the rise, it won’t come as a surprise to read that more and more studies are being released that show that these supplements are worthwhile.

For example, one that was conducted a short time ago focused on Glucosamine-chondroitin supplements.

These tend to be consumed by dogs who suffer from osteoarthritis and the 2007 results from a study showed that any dog suffering from this problem and taking the appropriate multivitamins did show more mobility and less pain.

Elsewhere, another study concentrated on fatty acids. Here it was found that they help a dog’s coat look better – again showing that these multivitamins aren’t just for show, they can solve problems.


How are these supplements formed?

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As any pet owner will testify, it can sometimes be difficult to convince Buster (or insert the name of your dog here) to consume a pill that obviously wasn’t designed with maximum taste in mind.

This appears to be the reason why most multivitamins arrive in chewable form. It means that they resemble food, which makes them much more likely to be consumed by your canine friend.


Won’t human supplements just work the same?

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To some extent, one could argue that human supplements will work for dogs. After all, both humans and dogs need vitamins and minerals.

However, this is never an approach that is advisable. There are many foods that should never be consumed by dogs, with garlic being a typical example. Many human supplements will contain ingredients like this which will ultimately make the supplement harmful for the dog.

Instead, you should look towards a specific dog multivitamin, that won’t contain any ingredients that may put them at risk.


What supplements are available right now?

As you might expect, the dog multivitamins industry is becoming more and more saturated. Already we’ve shown that the need for these vitamins is becoming more apparent, as pet owners bid to wave off some of the common problems that can affect pets due to deficiencies.

Unfortunately, not all of these vitamins are going to be ideal for your dog’s health. It’s for this reason that we have found one of the market leaders, as we take a look at Pet Bounce Multivitamin to show what you should really be looking for if you are on the search for a multivitamin for your pet.


Pet Bounce Multivitamin – WHat You Need to Know

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  • Pet Bounce Multivitamin is one of the most versatile multivitamins out there. It doesn’t just cover dogs, but cats as well. Additionally, it doesn’t matter how big or small your pet is – the product is suited to all.
  • Gone are the days of trying to “trick” your dog into consuming some sort of tablet, that he simply knows isn’t going to be tasty. Pet Bounce Multivitamin has been released in chewable-form – it won’t touch the sides.
  • As well as being chewable and easily-digestible, the manufacturers have added a flavor to the product which again means that your dog will just view it as one of his standard treats.
  • As well as containing all of the relevant vitamins that will transform your pet’s health, Pet Bounce Multivitamin also contains Resveratrol. This is one of the most powerful antioxidants around and will improve their vitality no-end.
  • Some of the success stories in relation to Pet Bounce Multivitamin are extraordinary. Pet owners around the world can’t believe how much energy their pet now has – some say that they have been transformed.
  • Pet Bounce Multivitamin is by no means an expensive product, with one bottle retailing for just $49.95. Further discounts can be sought if you buy in bulk as well, with the six bottle batch costing just $149.95. This represents a mammoth saving of $150.
  • The product hasn’t been put together by any old company. Health Buy have now been around for over thirteen years and such history doesn’t come if you don’t have a sterling reputation. They can be trusted and your pet will be completely safe using their products.

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